Friday, January 1, 2010

People are really latching on to the notion that Rick Rypien is pound for pound the best fighter in the NHL, and this scrap last night with Blues knuckledragger Cam Janssen proves it. Rypien busted Janssen's nose as you can see in the video. But the officials felt that the tape on Rypien's right thumb (you know, on the hand that spent most of the time holding Janssen's jersey) was what caused poor Cam to bleed so very, very much. Coach Alain Vigneault disagreed vehemently with the call after the game, according to Jim Jamieson of the Vancouver Province: "We got put in a very tough position by that major penalty. In my opinion it was not the right call," said Vigneault.

"The call clearly states that there has to be a cut. There was no cut. There's a broken nose. The tape was on Ripper's right hand, he threw punches with his left, got him good a couple of times, broke his nose, that's not a cut. I thought the interpretation of that was wrong and it put us behind the eight-ball there."

Vigneault said Rypien wears the tape the protect a sprained thumb.

That could have cost the Canucks the game, as the Blues scored on that power play, but the Canucks showed a ton of heart, coming back with goals from Daniel, Henrik and Mikeal Samuelsson, before Christian Ehrhoff's OT winner. Next up for the Canucks is the Dallas Stars Saturday morning (another morning game? Seriously?), who appear to be playing better (but come on, 11 loser points?). Time for the Canucks to show everyone that Dallas is actually more an 18-22 team, not 18-11-11. I am calling a win for the Canucks against Dallas...

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