Friday, January 1, 2010

HENRIK SEDIN: Hart Trophy Candidate?

Yeah, I am putting this out there. No, I'm not drunk. I totally believe this and I think we really should be spreading the word about this. While the meme on the Sedins is that they actually are superstars now (we Canucks fans have known this for a while now), I truly believe this is more than just a breakout year of sorts for Hank. Hands up those of you who thought on NYE we would see Henrik 1 point behind Joe Thornton for the NHL scoring lead. And it's not just that he is putting up points. Or that he is scoring lots more goals than we are used to seeing him do (at the pace he is on, he should set a new personal best for goals/season in the next couple weeks). It's that he is scoring clutch goals. Goals that get the team rolling. Goals that spark a comeback. Goals that send us to OT. He sets them up as good as ever. He takes physical punishment from the league's best Dmen. He does it all with a smile, and with less ice time than the others in the top 10. He is having a Hart-worthy season, and I know that out here in Vancouver our accomplishments get lost in the East, so maybe by creating a buzz, we can help the media realize Hank is more than Danny's brother: He just may be the best player in the NHL this season.

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