Saturday, December 19, 2009

Canucks 3 Capitals 2

Ovechkin 0. To say that was a lot of hype for what turned out to be an under-whelming performance is putting it mildly. Not to downplay an incredible effort from the Canucks (especially the Kesler line and the PK), but that was like finding a gigantic box under the christmas tree, opening it and finding a pair of underwear. But whatever, we saw more strong play from Luongo last night, as he continues to battle and even showed something I've never seen him do before. When he came out of the crease to get into Semin's face, I got goosebumps. That is the kind of compete level I want to see. Mason Raymond continues to be this year's Alex Burrows. AV and MG deserve all the credit in the world for allowing this kid the time and space to mature, and it's paying off in spades. Kesler played Ovechkin well last night, tenaciously, but not too aggressive. It's funny, but you have to play him the same way as Joe Thornton. Don't poke the bear and he will likely leave you alone. The Caps played a decent game, but the Canucks made the most of their opportunities, got a couple bounces and came through with a clutch goal (a lot of talk about that lately, huh?) when they needed it. Another day of rest before they take on the Blues in game 6 of the homestand. I know you're all dreading this one, as it reeks of deja-vu with the recent matchup against the Ducks. I think however you will not see a repeat, and given the nasty tone of that last game against St. Louis, this one should be a gooder.

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