Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canucks 2 Coyotes 3 (SO)

That was an odd game to say the least... Some positives out of that game, good compete level with a team that plays as tough at home as we do, the boys battled back in a close game and took it to OT, Samuelsson getting off the schnied, and Wellwood starting to get hot, another great game from Luongo. A lot of bounces that didn't go our way, some really bad discipline issues (burr and SOB, I'm looking at you two. WTF, dudes? Shake your heads.) and some of the most inconsistent officiating this season (how what Doan did isn't a penalty is more baffling than quantum physics to your average Oklahoma resident). The good thing is we kept pace with LA and the Flames and with a solid effort against the Blues Thursday night the Canucks can continue their march towards the division title.

Last night's game made me realize that I miss Jovocop more than Ohlund. The last 30 seconds of the game also made me realize that sometimes I don't think so clearly when I am sick. Talk about deja-vu, fortunately for the Coyotes the Canucks couldn't capitalize on the PP, as they did a hell of a job blocking the shot lanes and pressuring the Canucks shooters. They have what appears to be a hell of a team there in Phoenix right now. Shame that the whole drama of the last year seems to have soured the locals into not even caring they have a team that is winning for a change, as that was the reason we were told the support wasn't there. Pretty cool to see all those Canucks fans there, this is becoming a regular thing for a lot of these southern US road games, a healthy showing of the Blue & Green, too bad the boys couldn't reward them with two points.

Speaking of mind-boggling, what's stranger: The sheer number of high sticks Ryan Kesler takes to the face without getting the call, or Kevin Bieksa suffering another skate cut to the leg. Some say it's Kesler's yappiness and penchant for embellishing calls that keeps him from getting the benefit of the doubt, but this year especially the non-calls seem to be so much more blatant. I don't get it at all. As for Bieksa, his play hasn't been the same since he came back from the first injury a couple years ago. Does this mean he is gonna get worse, or better when he gets back. All of a sudden, putting Mathieu Schnieder on waivers doesn't seem too good an idea.

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